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I am still a child. I have always been fascinated with big machines.  My photography has tended toward industrial subjects. In the 1970’s I started photographing steel mills as a documentary project. Over the years I found that I was reacting to the mills, especially the blast furnaces, more from an emotional than a documentary viewpoint. Something about their tremendous size is both scary and attractive, and ultimately magnificent.

Standing near an operating blast furnace is like becoming that child again watching a robot monster movie on Saturday afternoon. The mill looms above. The men working around the bottom move cautiously and wear protective clothing. There is a constant roar from the blast stoves, the unique smell of hot metal—and there is the light. Molten iron emits a glowing light that is mesmerizing. You want to reach down and scoop up a handful of this flowing strand of light.


Blast Furnace Worker, Sunrise, Mingo Junction, OH




Steel Worker and Blast Furnace Tap





J&L Steel Aliquippa Works


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