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I showed my friend Keith the photo below and he remarked, "Look at the name on that boat in the background. A blast from the past."

Pere Marquette 41. Interesting, the Pere Marquette was an old railroad company merged long ago into larger systems. I thought nothing more of it until I searched for information on the boat a week later. Pere Marquette 41 is actually a barge matched to the tug Undaunted. In reading the barge's history I learned that it had been cut down from the car ferry City of Midland 41, at one time considered the most luxurious ferry on the lakes. Today it is a hardworking hull carrying any bulk commodity to lake industries. What made it even more interesting to me was my last encounter with the City of Midland 41, as a passenger, crossing Lake Michigan from Ludington, MI to Kewaunee, WI in 1983.

Kevin Scanlon




City of Midland 41 and Spartan, Ludington, MI


Loading Rail Cars, Ludington, MI




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